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This is where we shine...

Different techniques and skill sets are needed for each type of photography. I developed these other areas of photography throughout the years with the same attention to detail, creativity, and passion that I put into my wedding photography. See the kinds of events I do under my portfolio. Contact me for me info.


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What Else Can We Do?

We do much more than just wedding photography! I specialize in Real Estate photography, Head Shots, Baby Birthdays, Commercial and much more.

Under my portfolio you should be able to see different samples of my work
Check out the specials of the month.

Pasadena and Glendale Wedding Photography

Wedding Event Photographer Los Angeles Gasparian FOTO is a premiere Wedding Photography and Videography Studio in Los Angeles and Orange County. My style of best wedding photography is deeply rooted in wedding photojournalism, influenced by fine-art and fashion photography. Our world-class Los Angeles wedding photographer will make sure the magic of your wedding day is captured in our breath-taking wedding pictures. The result is creative, clean and crisp wedding photography that is romantic, fun, and emotional in both the grand and the ordinary and we would be honoured to serve as your local Los Angeles wedding photographer near me when you search at your location. I take pride on not just being photographer, but rather an artists creating unique and expressive imagery.

Gasparian FOTO Working with internationally acclaimed wedding photographers in Los Angeles, California, you’ll be able to capture the special moments of your life with care. Rated the best Indian wedding photographer in the region one of my best known specialties is in covering Indian and Pakistani weddings. I do Indian weddings best because I am familiar with the culture, the food and the music. Their customs make their events extra interesting to capture.

If you have questions about our wedding photography in Los Angeles, please feel free to contact us. Our prices are affordable and we aim to make your wedding experience the best it can be.

Perfect Wedding Photography

I believe everybody should have access to professional LA wedding photography and not just the privileged ones who can afford it. Pictures should not be viewed the moment they are taken or a week later. They are snapshots of moments that bring back memories many years later. Therefore, they need to have meaning or express emotions.

I aim for quality not quantity, and I rather give a few interesting and creative shots to my clients than snap hundreds of meaningless shots. Hence comes the motto of my photography...
Capture your precious moments today and enjoy them tomorrow…

Pasadena Wedding Photography

Even though we do wedding photography all over Los Angeles, Pasadena is our home town. Most of our local family photography sessions happen here in Pasadena

“Clean” “Contemporary” and “Gorgeous” are some descriptions of my photography. I use the latest equipment and have a variety of cameras, lenses, lighting, and accessories. I’ve been fortunate to photograph weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties, portraits, business products and corporate events throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and Santa Barbara. See my gallery for samples of my work.

Areas I serve: Los Angeles and Long Beach, San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena, San Fernando Valley (Glendale and Burbank), San Bernardino, Riverside, Inland Empire and Orange County.

Affordable Local Photographers

Event Photography, Wedding Photography, Headshot Photography, Birthday Photography and so on...

Photography F.A.Q.

It all depends on the following...
  • Date: I need an exact date
  • Location: Los Angeles is huge and I need to know where the event will be exactly
  • Number of Hours: How many hours are you booking?
I ask all these questions because a June or July wedding does not cost the same as a December or January wedding. At the same time two hour wedding on a Saturday is way more expensive (hourly rate) then an 8 hour wedding on a Sunday. Therefore, I customize my prices to suit my client's needs and budget.
UNLIMITED: I don't count as I shoot. I constantly shoot. I capture everything I see. You'll get hudreds of good pictures. However, not every wedding is the same. For example a full day wedding with 150-250 guests and 12+ hours of wedding coverage will produce 1000+ pictures. A small intimate wedding with 40-60 guests will produce a lot less pictures.
I do roughly 30-45 weddings per year. I started doing photography in year 2008 and my first wedding was in year 2010.
After I get my traditional shots done I start getting creative and then I start doing my photojournalism. People love how I capture emotions in a candid and photojournalistic style.
More about photography my style.
Quality, Quality, Quality, and of course my friendly, funny and relaxing attitude.
Most picture are very recent and some could be a few years old. Majority are my own images. However, there are images that were taken by some of my associates.
I use only Canon cameras, but my inventory of equipment has various brands of lenses, flashes and triggers. But overall I'm a Canon guy.
Check out more about our equipment
Absolutely, in fact I encourage brides to do so since this way I know what they are looking for, which helps me do my job better.
On a typical wedding day I wear slacks, dress shoes, and a dress shirt. For small events and photoshoots I am a bit more casual. However, YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME IN SHORTS AND/OR FLIP-FLOPS.
Typically I touch up all the image that will be delivered, which includes exposure, contrast, white balance and cropping of the images. Then after the clients go through the images the might have a few pictures that they would require more details editing. That includes things like removing hair and blemishes on the skin and more.

Could not find the answer?

If you have other questions that I have not covered on this page please click the buttom below. I am always quick to respond.

Some people choose to get a slide show such as the one above instead of videography services which is a perfectly good alternative for budget conscious couples.


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