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Look at that, another featured article about our Photography Business. This time it's Canvas We're honored and excited to be featured on their page. Please check it out by clicking the link below.

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Yes, another featured article about our Photography Business. This time it's ShoutOut LA magazine. We're honored and excited to be featured on their page and platform Please check it out by clicking the link below.

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VoyageLA is a popular online magazine that features stories of inspiring individuals and businesses from different industries and backgrounds in Los Angeles. We're thrilled to announce that our story has been featured on VoyageLA! We're honored to be included among the inspiring individuals and businesses that VoyageLA profiles, and we're excited to share our story with a wider audience.

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We are excited to be part of Wezoree Vendor Portal. Wezoree is a wedding community with the best wedding vendors in the USA. They are a user-friendly platform where clients can easily and conveniently find their perfect wedding service providers. Their community center inspires and shares the best wedding ideas for your wedding.

Baby Cake Smash

If I want to capture a baby cake smash session without getting my camera dirty, there are a few techniques I can use. Firstly, I could consider using a longer focal length lens such as my Canon 70-200mm or 24-105mm to keep a distance between me and the baby, and shoot from a higher angle. I could also use a clear, protective filter on my lens to protect it from any cake or frosting that may be thrown my way. Most of the time babies cannot throw cake pieces that far, but I need to be prepared with cleaning supplies and protective gear, such as a rain cover or plastic bag, just in case.

My Lens Collection

I already had the Canon EOS R6 but I'm excited to say that I just got my EOS R6 Mark II. At Gasparian Photography Studio we use Canon equipment. Canon is a well-known brand in the world of photography, and their mirrorless cameras are no exception. The EOS R6 and R6 Mark II are two popular models in their mirrorless camera lineup, offering impressive features for both professional and amateur photographers.

The Canon EOS R6 is a versatile camera that offers a 20.1-megapixel full-frame sensor, allowing for excellent image quality even in low light situations. Its autofocus system is also impressive, featuring 1053 autofocus points that cover nearly the entire frame. Additionally, the EOS R6 can shoot at up to 12 frames per second, making it a great option for capturing fast-moving subjects.

The EOS R6 Mark II takes things up a notch with a higher resolution 24.1-megapixel sensor and even faster continuous shooting speeds of up to 20 frames per second. Its autofocus system is also upgraded, with 6075 autofocus points covering nearly the entire frame.

Both cameras offer in-body image stabilization, allowing for steadier shots even without a tripod. They also have 4K video capabilities, making them a great option for videographers as well.

Overall, the EOS R6 and R6 Mark II are excellent mirrorless cameras that offer impressive features for photographers and videographers alike. Whether you're a professional or an enthusiast, these cameras are worth considering for your next purchase.


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