Pakistani Wedding Photography

Indian weddings are typically elaborate and traditional events that involve a series of ceremonies and celebrations. These ceremonies and traditions vary depending on the region and religion of the couple, but some common elements include:

  1. Pre-wedding ceremonies: Indian weddings often include a number of pre-wedding ceremonies, such as the haldi (turmeric) ceremony, where the couple is covered in turmeric paste, and the mehndi (henna) ceremony, where the bride's hands and feet are decorated with henna.
  2. Wedding ceremony: The wedding ceremony, or vivah, typically takes place in a mandap, a traditional canopy, and is performed by a pandit (priest). The ceremony includes a series of rituals, such as the exchange of garlands and the tying of the mangalsutra (sacred thread).
  3. Reception: The reception, or reception, is a celebration that typically includes music, dancing, and a banquet.
  4. Post-wedding ceremonies: Some Indian weddings also include post-wedding ceremonies, such as the bidaai (departure) ceremony, where the bride bids farewell to her family, and the vidaai (return) ceremony, where the couple returns to their new home.

Indian weddings are traditionally characterized by vibrant colors, elaborate clothing, and a mix of Hindu and Muslim customs and traditions. They are often celebrated with a large number of guests and can last for several days.


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