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Silvie - Professional Photographer

My photography career started when I had my babies. I started to capture every single moment of their lives starting when they were only a few days old. And that's when newborn photography came alive in me.

Down the road I started developing more skils as I was assisting my husband with his photography, which lead me to do my own events and have my own clients. Today I do a lot of family portraits and small events such as baby showers, wedding showers and so on.

What do I shoot mostly?

Birthdays 25%

Newborn Photography 50%

Family Portraits 25%

Small Events 25%

I shoot unlimited number of pictures, and I always give all the pictures. Of course you can request prints which would be extra.

Every event is different and my prices depend on the date, time and location but here are my basic prices

Please check out our prices on the following page Click Here

I usuallly send you the digital copies of the images via download, e-mail or on a disk. But you must pick it up. I don't ship anything out

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