Copyright Laws 101

In the United States, when the photos are taken then the photographer owns the copyright to the photos. The copyright owner (photographer) has the right to control a list of things, including: (a) who gets to reprint the photos, (b) who gets to make derivative works of the photos (such as a painting of a […]

The Major Food Companies

Have you ever wonder where do all the products at your local supermarket come from? You wonder that because of so much competition everything must be super good. Well, it turns out that there are only a handful of companies that control the whole market and the rest are their subsidiaries. Check out this diagram […]

Can I get all the RAW images?

I get this question asked quite a lot and half the time people don’t really mean or understand what RAW means. However, this post is not aimed at those who actually do know the difference. “Can I get all the RAW images?” What people really mean is if they can have all the pictures that […]

PC Imaging

Symantec Ghost is the number one software used for mass image deployment in enterprises. There are many others tools, including free and open source, but Ghost by far is number one. Sysprep is a utility developed by Microsoft to facilitate the mass image deployment process. What sysprep does is creates unique SID (Security ID) for […]

True Power Of Your PC

What is a Fast Computer, and do you really need one? There are many applications, and special needs that require fast computer processors. I edit videos, and to me rendering portion is where the true power of CPU comes in handy; rest of the time it not as relevant. Faster CPUs such as Intel’s i7 Core will surely help […]

Baby Formula

Should you overspend for the popular brand? Or, are they all the same? When my first baby was born, I received a gift basket from the hospital while we were at the hospital. I thought that was very nice of them, and it was cute at the same time. In there I found some baby literature, […]