Power of SSD Drives and Gigabit Ethernet

I was never able to utilize the full capacity of a Gigabit (1000Mbps) Ethernet connection up until now.  The way I was able to do that was to have two computers with SSD (Solid State Drive). Then I copied data from one computer to the other. Just see for yourself…


Gigabit (1000mbps) LAN connection at 99% utilization
Gigabit (1000mbps) LAN connection at 99% utilization

In the past whenever I transferred data to either a network storage, server or simply another computer there was a bottleneck. And the bottleneck used to be either the source or destination drive because more than likely the device had a regular disk storage. Currently my desktop PC has Corsair Force GT SSD drive, and my laptop has a Samsung SSD. In essence I’m going from SSD over a Gigabit Ethernet to another SSD.

In the past the most I got out of a Gigabit Ethernet was 50-60 MB/s. But now you can see that I was able to achieve 116 MB/s. That’s maxing out the Gigabit Ethernet.  Is my Gigabit LAN the bottleneck now?