True Power Of Your PC

What is a Fast Computer, and do you really need one?

There are many applications, and special needs that require fast computer processors. I edit videos, and to me rendering portion is where the true power of CPU comes in handy; rest of the time it not as relevant. Faster CPUs such as Intel’s i7 Core will surely help you finish rendering your project sooner.

Notice how I’m using 5.25GB out of my 6GB or RAM. Today many systems come with 4, 8 and even 16GB of RAM. Don’t fall for all the Marketing that goes on out there stating that you need this and that. Without getting too technical, 4GB or RAM is plenty for the average to advanced user.

Right now I’m using Google Chrome, taking screen-shots, cropping them and composing this e-mail in Gmail while the video is being rendered in the background. I don’t see any lag, and I’m able to use the system as if nothing is running in the background. All this happens with a discontinued 3 year old CPU, that’s right, a 3 year old CPU.

Without contradicting myself, I also would like to mention that having 4GB of RAM isn’t enough, and that 8 or more Gigabytes of memory is a must if you do Video Editing while doing 3D Animation, while you have AutoCAD project open and to top it off will be running VMWare with multiple Operating Systems. If all this sounds familiar then my recommendation would be to get at least 16GB of RAM. For everyone else out there stick to the Low end Bargains that the Black Friday offers with only 2 to 3 Gigs of RAM.