Rotating JPEG’s without loss in quality

Rotating JPEG’s without loss in quality
Up until today I was hesitant to rotate my photos right after downloading them from my camera. The reason was that rotation is considered editing, and every time you edit JPEG file loose quality.

JPEGNow after doing some research I found out that I was wrong all along. If the dimensions of the image are multiples of 8 then the rotations are lossless. Otherwise it is not possible to rotate the image without recomputing the blocks which re-compresses the image and quality is lost.

Guess what… whichever resolution you pick (small, medium or large) on your camera dimensions are divisible by 8. WOW… AND THIS IS TRUE FOR ANY CAMERA MANUFACTURER. So no more keeping the pictures unrotated. Oh, this is true for Windows and Macs built in picture viewer. I’m sure it will be true for other viewers as well.